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Vin will not be in FATF2.  Money was the main factor, and Universal Stated "that The Movie is attitude, cars and hip casting and is not pendent on a stars casting"  FATF2 will be based around Brian O' Conner's charecter.

New Line is now realeasing Knockaround Guys October 16, 2002, so that is falls several months after XXX and Pitch Black 2:The Chronicles of Riddick.

The preview for XXX can be seen in the begining of "We Were Soldiers".
Samual L. Jackson is also staring in this movie.

It's still unknow if Vin will be in the next Terminator, but if you would like to keep up on the updates you can check with upcoming movies.
Former Chyna of the WWF will not be casted as the woman cyborg.

Up Coming Movies

Triple XXX is due in theaters on August 2.
El Diablo(still unknow if it will be the final name) is due out Spring of 2003.
Knockaround Guys is due out October 16, 2002.
Pitch Black:The Chronicles of Riddick due out summer of 2003.


I've heard that Vin is going to be in the next Playgirl. I'm not sure how true it is, but keep on the look out.

It is rumored that The Fast and The Furious 2 could be a direct to video if several of the cast members do not return.  Ja-Rule will return and has already signed.  There is no start date yet for The Fast and The Furious 2.

Could there be Vin Diesel dolls in the near future?

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!